Video and Sound Installations
Fransje Jepkes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


    Poem # 3 Sec [1991]
Installation Pal/DVD An associative image and sound composition of processes and experiences that are identical at first sight, but actually differ. By lining up eight sequences of a drive through a car wash, subtle changes in image and sound emerge. The interaction between location, image and sound determines the shape of the installation.
    Poem # 3 Sec [2007 2008]
Installation DVD 'to transfer or to trans form'
    Poem # 1 [1987]
Installation Pal An interpretation of a sound poem by B.P. Nichol, consisting of nine letters from which twenty-four words are formed. The poem can be read horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
The sounds are phonetically spoken by Sjabbe van Selfhout.
    O Deur [1985]
Installation Pal Eight monitors Installation on interactions with doors.
Sound: 'Rien de mal sur les voisins' by Floris van Manen.
    S.G./Gravity/Licht [1985]
Installation Pal Two different fluids, pellets and light are incorpora